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Limits of Liability


Eide Industries, Inc. is responsible for manufacturing products in a manner conforming to customer approved dimensional accuracy, customer approved materials selection and for manufacturing products to Industry Standards. All value added manufacturing labor, materials, installation, freight or other efforts performed by anyone other than Eide Industries, Inc. is the sole responsibility of that person, company, or organization. If a product supplied by Eide Industries, Inc. is found to contain a manufacturing defect, Eide Industries, Inc. will replace only the product found to be defective. Because all of Eide Industries’ Products are custom made, Eide does not offer product exchange or refund. Eide Industries, Inc. is not responsible for value-added labor, materials, installation freight, effort, or other costs provided or incurred by others. We reserve the right to decline international transactions and orders.


We have a 3-day (72-hour) Cancellation Policy. All cancellation requests must be made by the customer within 3-days (72-hours) of placing an order. All CheapAwnings.com products are custom-made based upon specific and unique selections. Cancellations must be authorized in advance. Please contact us for assistance.


All CheapAwnings products are custom-made based upon specific and unique selections. As a result, CheapAwnings does not offer product returns or refunds after the initial 3-day Cancellation Period. Please verify that your selections are correct, and your measurements and options are accurate before and when placing an order.

Only defective units or units damaged caused during freight will be exchanged. Damaged freight (i.e. crushed or torn boxes, broken or torn awning materials) must be documented with the freight carrier at the time of delivery. Failure to report freight damages to the freight carrier at the time of delivery will eliminate the possibility of customer reimbursement for freight damaged products.

Warranty claims will be reviewed on a pro-rated case-by-case basis. Warranty replacement and shipping fees may apply at the owner's expense.


The materials used by Eide Industries, Inc. to manufacture its products are known to be First Quality material goods. All value added labor performed by Eide Industries, Inc. has been inspected by Eide Industries, Inc.

Unless otherwise specified, Eide Industries, Inc. does not inspect roll goods or other products requiring no manufacturing. Eide Industries, Inc. is not responsible for the quality of Customer Furnished Materials (CFM) received or other materials not provided by Eide Industries, Inc.


Customers are advised to inspect all products received from Eide Industries, Inc. to insure accuracy. Eide Industries, Inc. guarantees its products to be dimensionally accurate and in conformance with Eide Industries, Inc. provided drawings, customer approved and/or customer supplied plans and drawings.

Limits of LiabilityLimits of Liability