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Product Warranty

Eide Industries, Inc. warrants its products for a period of one (1) year from the date of original product manufacture. *Certain fabrics, materials, and other components used in the fabrication of Eide Industries products may carry warranties and prorated warranties of differing lengths provided by their manufacturer(s). In all cases, Eide Industries, Inc. warranties do not exceed one (1) year from the date of original product manufacture. Eide Industries warranties specifically exclude product damage or personal injury due to neglect, improper use, improper installation, or improper maintenance and for damage or injury due to acts of nature.

All CheapAwnings.com products are covered under the manufacturers warranty. Please see the FEATURES and SPECIFICATIONS for warranty time frames. Most CheapAwnings.com products have a Limited 5-Year Warranty. Please contact us for assistance with warranty issues for products you purchased through our company. See Limits of Liability section of this website for the Cancellation and Return Policies.

Warranty claims will be reviewed on a pro-rated case-by-case basis. Warranty replacement and shipping fees may apply at the owner's expense.

Product WarrantyProduct Warranty